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Bruntwood Nurseries grow a large and diverse range of plants both native and exotic including shrubs, flaxes, ground covers, perennials, succulents and edibles.

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Bruntwood have six plants that have PVR (Plant variety right) protection, including Pseudowintera Cherry Ripe, Pseudowintera Plum wine and Nandina Winter Pearl.

Phormium Alison Blackman
Leaves have olive-green centres with lemon yellow stripes and a thin orange margin. Best grown in a sunny or semi-shaded position in free-draining soil. Grows to approx. 1.2m. Protected under NZ PVR 2191 Unauthorised propagation prohibited. Named in memory of Alison Blackman, daughter of plant breeder and nurseryman Barry Blackman. Alison sadly passed away in the Cave Creek tragedy, April 1995.

Phormium Taya
Featuring slightly arching, dark purple leaves with a silvery grey underside. Prefers a well drained sunny position. 70cm x 60cm. Protected under NZ PVR 30906 Unauthorised propagation prohibited. Discovered by Dave, he decided to name this flax because it was lovely, after his first grandchild, Taya.

Phormium Licorice and Lime
Great new Phormium selection with an upright habit. Leaves have a purple centre stripe and lime green edges. Prefers a well drained sunny position. 1.2 x 1.2m. Protected under NZ PVR 30973 Unauthorised propagation prohibited. The name ‘Licorice & Lime’ was suggested by someone who had no idea Dave’s favourite flavour was Lime and Shirley’s was Licorice.

Pseudowintera Cherry Ripe
A delightful new selection bringing colour and texture to any garden. Compact upright form with narrow leaves heavily blotched with red and deep plum purple. Full sun to part shade in well drained soil. 60 x 50cm. Protected under NZ PVR 30905 Unauthorised propagation prohibited. Bred by Dave over 15 years ago.

Pseudowintera Plum Wine
A delightful new selection bringing colour and texture to any garden. Plum Wine has a larger leaf and the underside of the leaf is stained a deep plum purple. Full sun to part shade in well drained soil. 60 x 50cm. Protected under NZ PVR 30971 Unauthorised propagation prohibited. A sport discovered by Dave.

Pseudowintera Burgundy Delight
A selection from the Takaka Hill with aromatic green foliage turning lime yellow in spring and summer then blotched red and deep plum purple through winter. Hardy. Evergreen. 1m One that we have added to our collection of Pseudowintera.

Nandina Winter Pearl
Evergreen medium sized multi stemmed shrub with graceful fern like foliage with diamond shaped leaflets. Older growth is a dark rich green while the new growth is a stunning lime green. Small white flowers in summer are followed by white, pearl like berries in winter. 1.5m. Protected under NZ PVR 30972. Unauthorised propagation prohibited. Dave discovered this plant some time ago and was blown away by the white pearl like berries, hence the name Winter Pearl.

Loropetalum Iceberry
An exciting new selection of L. chinense with bronzy new growth and clusters of starry white flowers with strap like petals. Plant in moist well drained soil. Trim regularly to maintain compact growth. Evergreen. Frost hardy. 1.5m x 1.5m Dave, in his mission to breed his own Loropetalum with the right colour foliage and specific colour flower, came across this beauty and decided that this was something different and special, especially the new bronzy growth.

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